Healings and Programs

Weekly group healing

A collective healing process open to all.

This treatment, focused on awakening and healing, acts on all your bodies, cleansing them and bringing harmony. This healing depends on the cooperation of energies: my own, yours, and other healing energies. As such, a personal commitment to and sincere interest in the healing experience the process is fundamental to fully receiving the resulting benefits.

Individual audio healing

I offer a full panel of healing audio recordings, available individually.

  • Increase the quality of your presence during meditation;
  • Activate your Merkaba
  • Awaken your Kundalini
  • Peacefully embrace changes in your life
  • Free yourself from time and space
  • “Flame of all Love” meditative music.

Cigarette addiction

This 8-week program consists of a variety of healings aimed at eliminating cigarette-related movement patterns, liberating memories, anger and frustration, separating oneself from harmful egregores, and integrating sustainable new behaviors.

This simple yet incredibly effective energy method can help liberate you from cigarette addiction, so you can live more healthily and with greater freedom.


Discover a 9-week program comprising several healings that will help cleans your fears and limiting beliefs, liberate past memories, separate yourself from negative egregores, align your being, and help you to fully express gratitude and benediction in all your lives.

You can sign up for this program during the next inscription round, beginning January 2021.

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