Energy healing

I propose a variety of different types of intuitive energy healing, at any distance, by connecting with beings of light and your own spiritual guides. These healing treatments aim to cleanse and restore balance at all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). There is no single methodology: I do what is appropriate for each individual, in the moment.

I also perform shamanistic healing, such as extraction, soul recovery, realignment, and chakra cleansing.

This healing lasts 1 hour, and costs 120€.

Energy cleansing

By cleansing the energies present in your home or on your property, I have the ability to purify and bring harmony to spaces of all kinds.

This cleansing is particularly effective for those experiencing trouble sleeping, chronic fatigue, recurring headaches, or any discomfort or unease felt in relation to your home.

Starting at 120€, depending on the nature of the intervention required

Soul guide (Psychopomp)

I can accompany the souls of your deceased loved ones into the light, and help them to pass on. I connect with them and will help them to ascend should they be ready to take the next steps in their personal evolution. Otherwise, I can prepare them for passage by indicating the proper procedure for when they are ready.

This service costs 120€.

Spiritual Advice

I provide spiritual guidance and support during times of transition, uncertainty, difficulty or important life choices, discussing your personal situation over Skype.

I can offer you spiritually-informed advice and convey the appropriate energy techniques for your needs.

The consultation lasts 1 hour, and costs 140€.

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