I’d like to thank each and every one of the many individuals who come to benefit from the group healings offered each week.
“Wait, what? I couldn’t believe it… The theme for this meditation was sadness and forgiveness? I have to admit, I signed up for the first time 3 weeks ago, mostly out of curiosity, and very skeptical. But your healings—I’ve never felt something so strong in my life… All at once, during last night’s meditation, I saw myself crying my eyes out in the arms of my mother with whom I’ve been furious since 2004, telling her I love her and asking for forgiveness. There was no way we would have ever reconciled before this healing, and now, it seems so obvious and no longer scares me. I got in touch with my son so we could all go and see her, with his wife and my grandson. It’s going to be the return of the prodigal son, and a beautiful reunion of four generations of family. I don’t know how you do what you do, but honestly, huge respect for you, Ivan…. Thank you.”
“First of all, THANK YOU for this healing. I felt waves of energy passing through me, from head to toe, and then my heart chakra becoming more open and radiating more strongly. Towards the end, my crown and third-eye chakras awoke as well.
“I just finished my third group healing and I wanted to thank you for these moments of enlightenment, full of different sensations, and a new door that has opened onto a magnificent and brilliant rainbow encompassing all the colors. Words are wholly inadequate to describe what I feel (I should invent some new ones 😊). Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
“Hello Ivan, and thank you for this light bath, I’m looking forward to listening to it. Like all your videos. Your explanations are always excellent. I was surprised to learn so many things that were different from what was instilled in me at a religious level. It’s crazy, I’m starting to realize I didn’t really know anything. And that my soul and my body are closely connected, that each person is responsible for their own destiny. Ever since I started following your teachings, I’ve been more receptive, and my life has taken on new meaning. And it all started when I was visited by archangels that were sent to me. It was enormously helpful during quarantine. I still have a long way to go. But I’m staying the course. And each day is a new day full of surprises. And, above all else, positivity. Thank you for everything you’ve brought me, and all your spiritual advice. Goodbye and thank you so much.”
“Thank you so much; I’m sending you this message with my heart still vibrating. This heart that has opened to the infinite… unifying inside and out, my land to all lands and skies, in an overflowing of love so intense, it’s as if there is just one flame, just one love. THANK YOU.”
“Hello Ivan. A huge thank you for this session, it was particularly strong in every sense of the word. Little by little, I saw myself getting closer to an immense round waterfall, almost concave, filled with light at its center, and then the waterfall and I became one. My sight was inundated by light, and it rose up in me from my feet to my head, just as strongly. My third eye opened wide, as it often does. During this healing, a chickadee came tapping at my window, a symbol of sharing. A huge thanks for this very enjoyable healing and its well balanced sounds. I needed this cleansing to find myself again. Thank you Ivan.
“Hello Ivan. Thank you so much for this light bath that I’ve just experienced a moment ago. I’m going through a very difficult period in my life, and it helped to visualize and vibrate with that light. It brought a lot of calm and allowed me also to participate in sending out these beautiful vibrations. I felt like I was a part of the universe, and like I had fully found my place. Have a wonderful day, and thank you.”
My first group healing brought me peace and visions of all the colors of the rainbow, surrounding me in wave after wave for the whole 36 minutes of the audio recording. My second healing resulted in an absolute relaxation of all the tensions that can build up throughout the day, and the next morning, I woke feeling noticeably lighter. As for yesterday, my third healing, as I’m reading your email this morning, it’s exactly like what you describe in question 1 (What happened during this healing?). My husband and I are doing these healings together, and we were in desperate need of being liberated from the negative energies that can be tied to certain words – just like you spoke about… the judgements and negative energy that bring us down, even though you try with all your heart to rise up. Thankfully, we’re now on the same wavelength and, as a result, all those energies weighing us down have evaporated. Thank you for this gift that you’ve given to all of us, for your selfless and illuminating generosity, which is so rare… You must surely be an angel without knowing it. I may not be able to write so much after each and every healing, but know that as long as you see my name on your list of spiritual followers, of the souls making their way through the chaos to arrive at the 5 Dimensions in which we are all together, your healings will always be welcome. It’s a rare nurishment being there to receive them.
“This healing session was extraordinary. At the beginning of this session—which I observed individually after the group healing took place—and to my great surprise, I experienced a magnificent cleansing related to money, and I came to understand that financial circumstances in past lives and transgenerational memories were of great consequence, and could have a profound effect on one’s relation with love and basic needs. This manifested itself as a vision relating to how I experience love, and to sexuality in its most enlivened expression—something which has always been poorly regarded by our judeochristian philosophy. But here, we see it as an incredible practice of spiritual evolution! Love itself was like a flower, shaped by my hands while chanting mantras and sacred sounds like OOH and AHH, long and loud, and then AY and EE. I felt as if I’d been penetrated by a great wave of energy coming from all sides (no doubt from the over participants). Energy the memory of which was still present during my delayed healing. The general principle, in the universe, nothing is ever lost forever.
“Thank you Ivan for the gift of your group healing on the 15th of September, which you convey with such lightness, without imposing too many constraints, I was so receptive to your message that this morning, instead of waking up at dawn, I got out of bed at 9:00 am. For an ex-insomniac, what more could one hope for!!!! Thank you again, Ivan, for taking such good care of us.
“Hello Ivan. This was a wonderful, soothing, and fulfilling experience. An energetic and emotional nourishment that fills me with kindness for myself and for others… Thank you, and good health to you.”
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gift!!! I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at the start, but I’m on my 4th healing session and, even though I’m not always able to fully concentrate at the given time and throughout the whole session, the effect is undeniable. For example: once plagued by agoraphobia which I was able to overcome thanks to yoga and sophrology, there was still a lot that I had trouble with, like the fear of having a panic attack when on the highway… But, I just came back from visiting my family 500km away and I’ve never felt so relaxed!!! No more fear, even when going past a whole line of trucks! Furthermore, I can feel things moving in me: I’m less concerned by problems and negative thoughts, more confident in myself in general—basically everything I needed! So, yes, thank you, thank you so much for this amazing gift that you’ve given us in these troubled times. I’ll definitely be back!”


Many of you have questions about what you’ve experienced and felt during these healings. I’ve grouped together the most common questions and answers below: “Each and every healing is a step forward, together, on an infinite path.”

During a healing, a cleansing takes place in your subtle energetic bodies, and sometimes even in your physical body, which can cause symptoms like a tingling sensation or enjoyable feelings of heat, deep and peaceful sleep, feelings of cold, agitated sleep, headaches, fatigue, itchiness, and flu-like symptoms. These “reactions” are an indication of “detox,” activated within you.

My recommendation is to pay careful attention to which symptoms may be related or not to the healings, and to take note of their duration. Generally, such reactions will last anywhere from a few minutes to four days* after the healing.


* The healings I offer can in no way replace a medical examination or medical treatment.

Each person has their own experiences. Some people are more sensitive than others. What you feel may be differ from somebody else, from one healing to another, and from one day to the next. Your ability to integrate the healing does not, however, depend on your sensitivity. It’s possible for a healing to have a profound effect and for wounds to be healed without the physical “proof” of sensations or symptoms.

A portion of my healings are consecrated to verticality: from grounding oneself to connecting with the sky, and opening one’s chakras to facilitate the reception of energy.

You can sign up other persons for a healing without needing to indicate their email address or their name. If you’d like a child, eldery person, or pet in your care to benefit from the healing, you can register them by signing up yourself.


PLEASE NOTE: You may not register somebody who doesn’t want to participate. It is absolutely imperative that the person in question be in your care (young children or adolescents, elderly parents, persons with disabilities, or persons under your guardianship). You may not decide for another person who retains their full faculties and the capacity for self-determination. Respect the free-will of each person.

It is impossible to provide a healing’s theme in advance, as each one is provided based on intuition. My only intention is to help you during times of change and awakening. Each healing is different and can have different liberating effects.

First, know that you must want to receive the healing to do so. Are you totally open to joyfully receiving the healing? Meditating, either sitting or lying down, will facilitate reception.

If you are busy at the time of the healing, simply remember it will help you to better receive it. You can also meditate or take a moment of reflection after the healing if you were not available at the time.

No matter what happens, take the time to express your gratitude for the healing you have received.

I attained first-level Reiki status a while ago. Nonetheless, I am a conduit for energy, and let it flow through me in an intuitive way, without adhering to any particular protocol.

Each healing is centered around a general theme which is unknown to me in advance. However, if you have particular wounds to address, make a conscious request to have them healed, in prayer or meditation and before the healing, so both may come together in harmony.

All you need to worry about is accepting the healing and wanting to receive it. If you have any doubts, they will limit what you receive. There is energetic truth to the notion of placebo; it is creative power in action.

You can make requests around a specific need, but clear yourself of expectations, concerning what you’ll feel, the effects of the healing, or any problems you want solved. Keep an open mind.

You already have! I am fully aligned when undertaking a healing, and I am happy.

I do some traditional shamonistic healings. However, if you have specific needs, contact me and I will undertake an individual healing in an intuitive manner to address the issue.

There are illnesses and handicaps that cannot be cured through a healing, because they result from an experience more closely tied to your soul. If this is the case, no external power can interfere with this reality.