Ivan Skybyk

Healer and transmitter of spiritual energy

"Shadow is simply Light which has not yet come to recognize itself."
Awakening of Consciousness
"Each and every one of us has the power to heal."

Down to earth…
Rational in nature, and not particularly interested in the trendy or fashionable, Ivan followed a more or less traditional career path for somebody with a gift for numbers.After engineering school, he landed a job in marketing and strategy for an international company. Shortly after co-founding a startup with a young business partner, however, Ivan started suffering from exhaustion and burnout.


Consciousness awakes…
It was at this point that Ivan started to become interested in energy healing (magnetism, Reiki, and shamanism), and experienced a marked expansion of consciousness. He connected to and accessed higher levels, where one “knows truths one cannot see.” Here, he discovered his talent for healing and energy transmission, and has endeavored to share this gift ever since.


Reaching out to the world…
Through videos on YouTube, individual and especially group healing, Ivan’s goal is to help as many people as possible on their path to a more fully opened consciousness. As conduit for spiritual energy, and helped by beings of light, he transmits liberating, healing energies at a high level, elevating the vibrations of all beings during this period of change and transformation.